Satvik Concept of Daily Life

What is Bhakti Yoga

  • Difference between Kama( gross love) and Prema (pure love) 
  • True love and surrendering makes Bhakthi 
  • How prayers helping us to evolve 
  • How many types of Bhakthi
  • Be a superior human with your true devotion 
  • Saguna Bhakthi and Nirguna Bhakthi

Ms. Chethana Badekar, Academic Director, CHIRA EDUCATIONAL TRUST® GIVING TIPS FOR LIVING IN SATVIC LIFESTYLE – EPISODE 8 For SH Vision Channel – Secret Heart College official online

YOGACHETHANA™ – College of Yoga and Research A unit of CHIRA EDUCATIONAL TRUST® YOGACHETHANATM College of Yoga and Research, Mangalore is affiliated to VYASA(Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore). We conduct six months distance education Yoga Instructor course which enables a person to teach Yoga with confidence in a holistic manner. Syllabus in Tune with Ministry of AYUSH-QCI Certification. For enquiries please feel free to contact us. ☎ +91 9353199343 – +91 9961649900

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